Michael Mullins New Jersey

Michael Mullins is a fitness trainer and skilled musician who works as a product sales managing director and sales teacher at APN in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.
Career in Sales

Mullins is presently employed full-time at APN, where he manages the sales team and provides sales training. In this job, he has consistently outperformed his quarterly sales targets.

He formerly worked as a sales manager for Loyal 9, Venture Cash Advance, and Coppola Services, among other firms. In all of those responsibilities, he established and grew sales teams that routinely met their targets.

Unfortunately, the National Center for Health Statistics has reported that over two-thirds of all individuals today are overweight, and nearly one-third are obese, based on ever-increasing weight and obesity statistics. Mullins, a personal trainer, encourages people he works with to break some of these inactive and overweight habits.

Adult and developmental fitness are two topics that pique his attention. Adults may use fitness to enhance their mental health, weight management, immune system, battle high blood pressure, build muscles and bones, and increase their overall quality of life.

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